Ustadh Jubril Alao has been teaching and developing Arabic curriculum for about fifteen years. He studied Economics at University College, London, where he subsequently completed a Masters degree in Computer Science. Ustadh Jubril is an IT Project Manager, Linguist and was a Senior Teacher at the Ibn Jabal Arabic Language Institute - where he started his Arabic learning journey with the same institute in 2001. In 2002, he travelled to Syria to continue his studies where he then studied Arabic Literature and Poetry at the University of Damascus. Jubril continued his studies with Sheikh Babikr and Sheikh Ahmed Pirzada under whom he studied the fiqh of the 5 pillars, Aqeedah Tahwi, Hanafi, Maliki Fiqh, tafsir, diseases of the heart and a number of chapters from the Ihyaa Uloom Deen of Imam Al Ghazali.


    Our promise to you

    We teach students from beginner to intermediate level in the Arabic language; which enables them to be able to understand about half of the Quran with the aid of a dictionary.
    We create a beautiful learning experience in a safe, no-judgement zone to realise your Arabic learning goals.
    We teach Arabic via immersion – which is a more natural way to learn languages and is designed to empower you to have an instinctive usage of the language.

    You are not alone

    We are a community of enthusiastic people who are passionate about teaching and learning the Arabic language. Through stewardship, some of our past students also support new ones – as such, you will never feel alone in our courses.

    Regular feedback

    We are always available to provide appropriate support to cheer you along on your Arabic learning journey. Please reach out to us at and we will be glad to assist you in whatever way necessary.


Study Arabic in Africa was formally incorporated on February 26th, 2020 as a Private limited Company with an office based in London, England. We started with an immersion course in Fes – in August 2021 – then followed by an immersion course in Dakar (August – December 2021). Both immersion programs were very successful and our greatest achievement has come from seeing our students being able to deliver presentations in Arabic and understand numerous verses from the Quran.

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